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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


2013 is somehow bittersweet for me.

Tiba -tiba, 2014 datang.
Eh, sekejap betul kan?

Dalam masa setahun, banyak betul benda jadi. Pleasant or not , it happened. During this one year , people come and go as they pleased. Tak tahu yang orang kat sini , hati dia macam- macam warna ada.

To those who left,
Hidup baik- baik. make your dream, a reality (whatever that is). Just want to let you know that, you were once, a part of my life... which,
whatever the reasons are, now, it's gone.
Sedih memang ada, rasa diri tak sempurna,
tak cukup baik, tak cukup hebat,
kalau nak kata kawan selamanya.

But, like i said,
You were once a part of my life, which will never be easily erased or forgotten.
Those things we shared,
are real.
Those things we chatted about,
are real.
My feelings during that time,
are real.

And i hope, when the time come for us to meet again, i'll have the courage to once more say 'hi' to you.
As so do you.

To those who come,
Kita mungkin tak tahu of what ahead of us, but know that, this tiny heart of mine
is easily swayed.
For some reasons, i tend to easily cut people off.

Don't let me easily cut you off.
I hate endings, so might as well never start anything.. and that's what i thought
Well, i'm wrong.
Salah betul falsafah tu. Everything that bound us to the reality is, the every little things in life.

So, be aware that, i am going to listen to everything you say
Walaupun in the end, i react none.
i am going to do every crazy things you do
Sebab i know i'll be crazier than you do
i want to help loosen your burden
Sebab, deep down i think, you'll do the same too.

I'm weird and awkward
Let's be weird and awkward together?

And i just have the idea of,
Why don't you just approach a person that you like.
Say it directly that you love them.
And not be afraid of rejection.
But then i thought,
Human heart, is fragile afterall.

(some person, 2014)