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Saturday, 14 July 2012

we jump then fall and jump again

-Apa guna kau keras mencuba,kalau akhirnya hanya sia-sia?jika kau keras mencuba tapi bagimu sia-sia,maka itu bukan akhirnya.-

Assalamualaikum dear readers..and hi *sambil lambai2 tangan*
Faham tak ayat yang atas sekali tu?Im not trying to become a philoshopher.It is just a common-ordinary-normal things that we might encounter in our everyday lives.Here's a story to tell,,

   as some of you might know,right now im dwelling with the hardship in foundation in science,University Malaya.HAhah!Like seriously.Only a month here,but it felt like im dealing with stuffs for a really long time.All the things that making me mad,such as tutorials,lab reports,tests and so on.Well,my dearest readers...sincerely,sayaaa amaaatt susaah nak adapt dekat sini.Not with the lifestyle-no!& *setakat duduk dekat kolej yang tade curfew,warden bagai tu..idokk makne je weyh* Its about dealing with the pembelajaran.Haha!I just realized that time secondary dulu,i was just too laid back.Taking things lightly.Things like that.Before this i thought that i can handle things dekat sini. *siap konon nak cari pakwe lettuw..Hahah!*

  Kalau dulu,kita mengopy someone else's work,at least kita paham sebab,i was on that particular class..so,i know bout things yang diajar.Even kalau kita slept all the way.kan?kan??But now,duduk dalam lecture hall,pegang pen.keluarkan kertas,pandang slide,read every words on that slide...but,cengkerik je yang kedengaran,segala apa yg dilecturekan passed by mcm angin lalu je.Ya Allah,jasad kat situ..tapi where didi my mind go?Kenapa i could not understand anything?It was like the lecturer just said something in Russian and i don't have the google translate with me!!

  Dulu,bila cikgu tanya, 'Faham tak?' i would say yes..sebab the teacher,teaching us step by step.Im the show-me-the steps-then-ill-do-okay- kind of learner.For instance basics physics 1 FMAX0111.During lecture,the doctor wont show you the step by step thingy.They expect you to already know bout it.Bukan pada fizik je tapi tu all the courses.Ada this one time,i slept for the whole one hour during calculus.physics too.

   But,my aim is to get the 4 flat.Even tak bole pun,i'll score more or equals to 3.8.Nak tahu sebab apa?? *my angah is 3.8* That's why.So,after this insyaallah,ill try my best untuk paham the subjects,make sure that im able to do the tutorials alone. *alhamdulillah i got tutors yang osem lg baik.Terutamanya cik hafizah.physics looks easy when it comes to her.

  So,berbalik dengan the ayat yang atas tu.At first we might think to give up bila kita rasa theres no hope in doing that particular thing.Rasanya macam sia2.Tapi kita harus tahu,tak ada satu pun yang sia-sia asalkan tidak berlanggar syariat.Jika kita rasa ending something tu is just a waste of time,money,energy...you are wrong..itu belum akhirnya!

 So readers,jom kita cari pelangi yang indah selepas hujan.Kalau takde...kita buat hujan sendiri jelah..HAhahh!Kbhai

p/s:do pray for my friends and me dekat PASUM ok!

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