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Monday, 26 March 2012


Attention to all applicants
  1. All applicants must fill all required information in sections marked**
  2. Only applicants who are short-listed will be notified
  3. You may use internet explorer or chrome
A.Choice of discipline**                                                                                    
Choice of discipline:
                            1. Suami sepanjang hidup
                            2.Suami mithali lagi berbudi

B.Personal Particulars**                                                                                    
i.General Information
Full Name   :
NRIC          :
Date of Birth :
Gender  :Male
Ethnicity :Malay
Permanent address:Peninsular Malaysia

ii.Language Profiency
Language 1: Malay                 Spoken and Written               Mothertongue
Language 2:English                Spoken and Written               Fluent
Language 3:Lovey Dovey        Spoken and Written               Extra Fluent

iii.Parents Details
                                                       Father                                     Mother
Age   :

Answer these questions truthfully.(not more than 300 words)
What type of daughter in law they like??

How do you think they will react towards your wife-to-be?

C.Chores Performance**                                                                                    
Year :   Lifetime
Instituition:   Your House
Subject :                                                              Grade
  1. Cooking                                                               A+
  2. Mowing the lawn                                                  A+
  3. Sweeping                                                            A+
  4. Washing clothes                                                   A+
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
D.Additional Information**                                                                          
Why do you chose the intended field of study and what is your study plan? (not more than 300 words)

Why do you think you deserve this scholarship?(not more than 300 words)

i.General declaration.
Have  you ever been convicted of any criminal offences in Malaysia or Abroad?    (NO)
Are you medically fit?   (YES)

ii.Final declaration
I,(please fill in your full name),(please fill in your NRIC)do solemnly declare that all the particulars provided in this form are true and mostly I declare that I LOVE YOU.

                                                                                               yours sincerely,

guys,ni bahana too much of borang yg na diisi..pfffttt!!

Ntahpapelah aku ni~

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